Posted Aug 24

Meet the Developers: Solene Morvan, Senior Developer

by Ronan Rusu
Meet the Developers: Solene Morvan, Senior Developer by Ronan Rusu

In this The Focus series, we speak to the developers behind the visual effects of some of your favourite films.

Gain insight into their work and learn more about what it means to work within the R&D team. If you're interested in similar work in technology and visual effects, apply for jobs at all of Technicolor's award-winning creative studios through The Focus over at

Let's meet Solene Morvan from MPC Film.

What is your role with R&D?

I'm a senior developer. My generalist background allows me to investigate a large variety of topics around physics deformer workflows to help the production of epic shots.

What type of tasks do you take on in your role?

We do multiple tasks. One is technology intelligence to stay ahead of the competition! Another is a more pragmatic "make it happen" approach, where we develop a new product from scratch dedicated to one show or one specific need. We can also redesign an existing tool to compete with new production challenges.

What is your favourite project that you've contributed to and why?

After 5 years at MPC Film, I've collaborated in many projects from a smart culling policy to remote site renders, batch destruction workflow and now I'm re-designing the ocean pipeline. I really like when we are in charge of epic shows. We assign multiple short-term issues all along the production. We could learn very quickly multiple in-house technology.

Why do you think Technicolor is a great place for your career?

I have the opportunity to work with so many talented artists, leads and developers who succeed and deliver amazing shows like The Lion King and 1917. Each new production has its challenges, it's very exciting!

What fictional place would you like to visit?



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