We offer free access to virtual learning for the next generation of visual effects artists around the world through our Academy.

Our courses prepare you for a career in visual effects by working with industry experts on their creative, technical, procedural, and soft skills. They also provide a great opportunity to gain experience and expertise to build upon as you progress in your career.

And, upon completion of the course you will have the opportunity to directly apply for available roles at Technicolor Creative Studios – and potentially receive a joining bonus if you are successful.

This course will develop your understanding of colour theory, perspective and design theory as well as your understanding of lighting and knowing the scientific principles behind it. You will gain strong knowledge of lighting techniques and materials while also learning to use computer technology to find new ways to achieve a creative vision. In this course, you will practice working to deadlines within given timeframes and delivering on schedule while becoming adept at using 3D and compositing programmes.
course duration
10 weeks
Time commitment
40 hours a week
Timing of live sessions
One per day up to 3 hours
What do we offer?
  • A free online course of 10 weeks to get you up to the standard required to deliver first-class VFX
  • Dedicated mentoring from a senior industry member
  • Intensive training using industry standard software tools (provided) while using our high-quality training materials 
  • Continued access to video tutorials featuring industry experts and the potential to use your project work in showreels
  • The opportunity to apply to available roles at Technicolor and to potentially receive a bonus if offered a position

1: Welcome Orientation; Intro to Katana; Renderman Foundations; Cabin in the Woods

2: Katana/Renderman Competencies - Part 1; Lighting Iteration and Best Practices

3: Katana/Renderman Competencies - Part 2; Lighting Submission and Troubleshooting Best Practices; VFX Lighting – Introduction; Rendering Fur Competencies - Part 1

4: Troubleshooting and Optimising Your Scene

5: VFX Lighting - Shot Prep; VFX Lighting – Continued; Rendering Fur Competencies - Part 2

6: Keeping Continuity and Addressing Feedback

7: FX Competencies

8: VFX Lighting – Advanced

9-10: Serving the Shot - Part 29-10: Serving the Shot - Part 2

Technical specifications

We use the Teradici cloud workstation desktop client which runs on nearly any computer that has the following operating systems: Windows 10, MacOS and Linux.

Our cloud workstations provide required software and course assets, and require at least 10mb broadband (20mb+ recommended).

Minimum Technical Requirements:
External monitor with HD resolution
3-button mouse
10mb/s Broadband

RJ45 LAN port

Who can apply?
  • Recent graduates of a VFX program or entry/junior level candidates looking for their first break in the VFX industry.
  • Candidates ready to cross the bridge from learning into a professional career.
  • Artists with a drive, passion and commitment to deliver first class VFX.
  • Please apply with your department specific demo reel and CV attached
  • Complete the provided skills test
  • Get feedback by the Academy admissions team